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Part of a model test for Kloss
(panties only ad, but cropped at the waist here for my esthetics)

Kloss test series

Another shot in the test series for Kloss
(Kodachrome transparency — low rez contact scan, enlarged 5 1/2x)

I shot most of the print ads for John Kloss (and Lily of France, whom he also designed for).

The John Kloss designs were the best I have ever seen in a lingerie line, and the models I used for my photo sessions all loved his lingerie and were always trying to hustle free samples from me. The models liked that his lingerie was both very flattering and very sexy.

The above lingerie set was part of his "glossie" line. Truly stunning!



Susan Chapman

"The Rose" — Susan Chapman
(sunglasses advert)



Ad Proofs

Ad Proof (ARIW)
(16x20 print — insert photo taken by Lennie Evans)

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