Professional Series
(My Haute Couture, Salon Photo, & Advertising Period)

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My Newest Fashion, Entertainment Sector, and Commercial Photography, arranged more or less in chronological order

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All scanned images are at very low rez, and are cropped/sized as listed.
Some images are titled by me and were not the Ad Agency ad image tag

Dru McCabe

Dru McCabe
(taken for her modeling portfolio — 11x14 print)


Dru McCabe - C&H Sugar

Dru McCabe
(C&H Sugar national print ad proof, scanner crop)


To be continued...

Dru McCabe — hand colored B&W print. 12 image, 2 panel salon photo set.
(insert of me directing Dru, added here for display — shot by Lennie Evans)


Dru McCabe — "Ladies room at the San Pedro ferry building, 1947... yellow"
(cropped for Web page format, click on the image for the uncropped photo)

Dru (whom I very affectionally called Drucilla), was one of my very favored photo models when I was shooting Haute Couture fashion photography, and truly one of the most beautiful women to ever be in front of my camera. A classic tall beauty, she was as intelligent and gracious as she was lovely.

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