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My Haute Couture Photos, arranged more or less in chronological order
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This category is just a very small representative sample of the many thousands of professional photos I have taken and had published over the course of my haute couture, advertising, and editorial still photo career.

Many more images are available for publication / advertising / editorial uses through my photo agencies, Getty Images or StarLens.

I still book interesting and challenging advertising, editorial, and publicity still projects, so if you have such a project and are interested in having me interpret it photographically for you or a client, please email my photo rep.

All scanned images are at very low rez, and are cropped/sized as listed.
Some images are titled by me and were not the Ad Agency ad image tag


"Flygirl" - Raw twig charcoal on Strathmore paper © 1983, Enzo Giobbe, All Rights Reserved

Before I put my brushes and chisels aside to pursue a career in high fashion photography (and then motion picture cinematography), I was a very successful artist in fine arts (oils, sculptures, and drawings).

Occasionally, I still do a quick charcoal sketch of a photographic or cinematography idea I have - so as to get a better feel for its visual impact and how to best approach it style-wise.

The above charcoal drawing is my visualization of a WW I female pilot themed series of photographs I never quite got around to shooting.

"Flygirl" - twig charcoal on Strathmore paper, © 1983, Enzo Giobbe

Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz) & 9 YO Enzo (Vincie) Giobbe - "Let Me In" promotional press photo

Sophie Monk (c) 2010, Enzo Giobbe

The very intense and striking Sophie Monk, Lyric Culture Fashion Show (2010)


Semi Precious Weapons and Sasha Grey (c) 2010, Enzo Giobbe

Semi Precious Weapons with Sasha Grey, Lyric Culture Fashion Show (2010)


Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons (c) 2010, Enzo Giobbe

Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons, Lyric Culture Fashion Show (2010)



Justin Tranter of Semi Precious Weapons, "Magnetic Baby", shot with my Flip
(Exposed boobies warning! Do not view if you are fearful of bare boobies!)
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(c) 2010 Enzo Giobbe, All Rights Reserved(c) 2010 Enzo Giobbe, All Rights Reserved

Art Deco Society of Los Angeles Vintage Haute Couture Lingerie Fashion Show (2010)
Shot with available light (the promoters of this event requested "No Flashes Please")
(please click on either image to go to the full image gallery for this milestone event)


Alice in Wonderland

Disney's Alice in Wonderland exclusive to me photo tour (2009)
(click on the image to go to the full image gallery @ Syfy's Blastr)

And a few of my actor friends...

Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton (2009)
This is how she poses for her friends, Paris at her very best...


Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy (2006)
Such a great loss. RIP Britt


Mary Sean Young

Sean Young (2008)
Just Lovely!


Staci Layne Wilson-Giobbe - "La Femme Fatale"

"La Femme Fatale" (2007) — Staci Layne Wilson


"Captivity Party: Uncensored" — Click for the full Suicide Girls / Tattoo Art photo gallery

"Captivity Party: Uncensored" — Click her for the Suicide Girls / Tattoo Art Photos

Patrick Kilpatrick and Cherilyn Wilson

"Parasomnia" (2008) — As well as being the DP for the digital film segs, I also shot the stills.
(Awakening scene: Patrick Kilpatrick and Cherilyn Wilson. The Parasomnia Movie Trailer is here


Original digital image of lovely Dita, manipulated in the camera when the image was taken. Nikon D1x digital camera.

"Mona Lisa in Black & White, 2002" (Dita Von Teese)

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