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William Malone & Timothy Bottoms

Shooting the BD/DVD Extras for Parasomnia, as the production DP (2010)
Parasomnia Director William Malone & actor Timothy Bottoms (Dr. Corso)


Jeff Combs

Parasomnia BD/DVD Extras - The multi-talented Jeffery Combs up (Det. Garrett)


Dylan Purcell

Parasomnia BD/DVD - Dylan Purcell (Danny Sloan), a great actor and a truly funny guy


Cherilyn Wilson

The ever-lovely Cherilyn Wilson (Laura Baxter) - A real talent, and easy to work with

Cherilyn Wilson - Movie*Slate

There's an App for that...
(syncing sound, picture, and beauty, with my iPhone's Movie*Slate app)


Composer Nicholas Pike

Parasomnia Music Composer Nicholas Pike - Parasomnia BD/DVD Extras
(Nicholas had some great insight on his composing & artistic processes


Bill Malone

Parasomnia Writer/Director William Malone with his sound mixer hat on (2010)

Bill is extremely talented and knowledgeable in all phases of movie & TV production
and a really great director to work with as well. He always knows what he wants, so
as a DP, it's pretty easy to set up the shot, the lighting, and a stop. Of all the "name"
directors I have DP'd for, Bill Malone and Vittorio De Sica are two at the top of my list.


Parasomnia BD/DVD

The Parasomnia BD/DVD (with lots of extras!), will be available on 7/13/10
(Click on the cover to order it now, you'll love this movie + lots of extras!)


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