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A little about me (and how I got into this business)...

I began my professional career as an artist in fine arts (oils/sculpture), went into haute couture fashion photography (ASMP member) after the art market imploded on the West Coast, started shooting TV commercials at the request of a fashion client, then picked up quite a few jobs shooting music videos because of my commercial work buzz.

I did a ton of Steadicam work for Cinemobile Location Systems in the late 70's/early 80's on both feature films and episodic TV shows (as a "special"). My Steadicam page is here.

When Cinemobile closed their doors in 1984, I decided to take a year's hiatus to attend to a world-wide equine rescue organization Staci Layne Wilson and I had just founded, named HorseAid™.

That planned year's hiatus turned into many, and I finally returned to working full time in the motion picture and TV sector in 2000.

What Staci and I accomplished with HorseAid™, can be read here (short summary here).

I am very active in the motion picture business as a digital film DP, Steadicam operator (digital specialty), and visual consultant on both movie and TV productions.

I have worked as a Producer/Director/DP of A-list entertainment broadcast and studio publicity events for TV-Wire, NBCU, Syfy, Blastr, Horror.com, Comcast, and other venues.

Please use the button on the front page to email me, or connect with me on LinkedIn.


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