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Weddings of Horror

(With this knife, I do... )


Adam Gierasch & Jace Anderson, the cake, the cake!

Adam Gierasch and Jace Anderson wedding (2009)

Jace Anderson and Enzo Giobbe

With de-lovely Jace (pre-nuptials - this was your last chance Jace! ;)


Spooky Dan & The Tamityville Horror

Spooky Dan (Dan Walker) weds his long-time ghoulfiend, The
Tamityville Horror (Tammy Sutton) at the Houdini Mansion
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Susan Oberg & Sid Haig

Susan Oberg and Sid Haig wedding (2007)

Enzo Giobbe & Heidi Martinuzzi

Heidi Martinuzzi and I at the Sid Haig/Susan Oberg wedding
(Heidi is a really SUPER dancer... with ALL the right moves


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