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Enzo Giobbe & Donna Paris, on the way to 55th Oscar Awards Ceremony

Donna and I on the way to the double nickel Oscars® ceremony
(if I remember correctly, the AMPAS theme for that year was red)

Enzo Giobbe and Donna Paris on the way to 54th Oscar Awards Ceremony

With Donna on the way to her first Oscar®
(A.M.P.A.S.) Awards Ceremony (early eighties)

Sijtske Vandenberg and I on her 21st birthday! June 7, 1979 - Sadly, Sijtske passed on November 10, 2014 at the early age of 56 (brain tumor)
Long before Angelina Jolie made the slit dress a
style & media sensation, Sijtske already owned it.

Leggy Sijtske and I about to go out to Dillon's, the very hottest Disco in LA and celebrate her 21st birthday. (Wow, Disco? Look at my suit and shoes!)

I wanted to make sure this was a very special night for Sijtske, and it was. We were definitely the envied "stars" of that very exclusive club that night.

Carol King and Enzo Giobbe, Easter dinner

With Carol King, Easter dinner with my extended family

You just know I had to do it...

My mom told me never to run with scissors or knives. She never ever mentioned bulls.
(I'm about a foot away from getting a new body orifice - Pamplona, Spain / API photo)

Mama, Vincie, and Elka - around 1968Elka & Vince - early to mid 1970's

The Mamas and...
My mom, my son Vince, and my (then) GF/SO Elka (my son's mom)

Bijou, Enzo, & T. Nicole - I LOVED the '70's...

Easter week in Palm Springs, with Bijou (left) & T. Nicole (right)

Enzo & Elke at Ciro's on the Strip (Hollywood Globe photo)

Me, (at 21YO), "clubbing" with the ever beautiful young Elke — out on
a glamorous night on the town
(when it really was a glamorous town.)

(taken at Ciro's nightclub on the Sunset Strip
in Hollywood, CA — Hollywood Globe photo)

Sitting on the fender of my Barris customized '50 Buick

Sitting on my custom '50 Buick ragtop (still in my "beach beat" period)

"The Lifeguard"

Me, the L. A. City Lifeguard (just turned 17)

(I grew the goatee after visiting the Coexistence
Bagel Shop in San Francisco's North Beach section)


"The Guys", AKA "11th St. Boys". Everyone in this photo was in their teens at the time, most of us were still in school, and all of us had jobs and nice cars.

Ta-da-ta-da-da... (snapping fingers). The notorious (and infamous ;) "11th St. Boys". Lords of San Pedro at the time, and the ultimate "Bad Boys" of our day. (Yes, we were ...a father's worse nightmare.) Sort of like West Side Story without the musical score or fake blood.

This photo was taken in December of 1957. I am fourth from left in the first row. We didn't call ourselves the "11th St. Boys" (we just called ourselves "The Guys"). That "11th St. Boys/Gang" moniker was given to us because our usual hangout was at the corner of 11th St. and Pacific Ave., in front of the drug store next to the old Strand Theater.

"Show business is my life, (really)..."

Rock 'n Roll 'n R & B

J. J. (for "Juvie Jive"), my pop/rock music group, with me as the lead singer and bongo/conga drum/cow bell player — it all ended with the advent of really hard kick ass rock 'n roll guitar player frontman bands.

(I didn't play guitar — this was before the advent of the non-playing
frontman. All I had was a pretty good singing voice and fast hands)

The J.J. Band members, Vince Giobbe, Fred Hoff, Ralph McDonald, and John Carroll

The J.J. Band members (Me, doing lead vocals, Fred Hoff, Ralph McDonald, and John Carroll, doing backup vocals).

(The girl listed as doing the ballet solo, Helen Turney, was an extremely talented dancer, and my GF at that time)

The play's the thing...

I was always writing & directing (and also sometimes acting in) many plays in Jr. High & High School. Great fun, and NO pressure.

(I directed Fran McHale, who was also a GF at the time, in many school plays. Fran went on to be a Miss San Pedro, appeared in Playboy Magazine, and was/is a very successful Broadway actor. In doing a search for her, I came across this real six degrees of separation moment on her IMDb page. Thanks Kevin Bacon! ;)

Graduation time!

Commencement Program

Yes, I sang for my supper... at my graduation commencement

(luckily, at the time I had a good 2 octave range, which is just about what it takes to make it through this song — made it to the end with nary a break in my voice, or my self-confidence)

"Little Hep Riding Hood" by Vince (Enzo) Giobbe
1950's San Pedro News Pilot article

I wrote and directed a play entitled "Little Hep Riding Hood", which was a modern day parody and slang (1950's slang that is) adaptation of the tale.

One of my more memorable lines from that play was: [The Woodsman] "I come from yonder to rescue you fair maiden in distress". [Little Hep Riding Hood] (anticipating the Wolf's visit, and his renowned eating skills), "Beat it beefcake, I don't want to be rescued by you in this, or any other dress".

The play proved so popular, it was performed about a dozen times, including two nighttime performances for parents and the PTA (I doubt that they really "got" the many double entendres and youthful slang in my dialogue).

Sing another song for me...

They were always asking me to sing, which was OK
with me, since I always rehearsed with the girl's choir ;)

Chief Mates

Top Honors student (that's me on the top left)


The fishing vessel Santa Lucia - 1956

The purse seiner FV Santa Lucia loaded with tuna (1956 photo taken at T. I.)

My dad owned and operated commercial fishing boats after he and my mom moved to California. First out of San Francisco, then Monterey, and finally, San Pedro.

After he passed, everybody assumed I would follow in his footsteps as a commercial fisherman (both sides of my family where seafarers. Fishermen on my dad's side, ship owners and ship captains on my mother's).

So, just barely in my teens, I started to ply the trade everybody expected me to follow. Working as a commercial fisherman on weekends and summer vacations.

I crewed on the boat pictured above, as well as the FV Lucy Ann and the FV Santa Maria (as a full working crew member, not as a cabin boy or such).

I got a half-share at the time, and my usual job was working the skiff once the net was released.

Truth is, I love the sea (I have owned many sailboats in my life), but the thought of spending the rest of my days on commercial fishing vessels was not a bright spot in my future.

Luckily, I decided not to follow that path, without even knowing that within ten years the commercial fishing industry in San Pedro would be completely obliterated.

The demise of San Pedro's vast commercial fishing fleet was caused by over-fishing its costal waters (unsustainable catch quotas), the traditional "the sea will always provide" mind-set of the local boat owners, the tuna spotting airplane (since banned), and competition from much cheaper and abundant imported Japanese tuna.

In just three years, I myself saw this happening, and it's still hard to fathom that it all happened so fast.

Where once we would regularly "set" on 100 ton schools of tuna, three years later, we were lucky to find a 5 ton school of tuna to set on.

Too many boats, too little fish, no conservation plan, cheaper imported tuna, and modern technology — all took its eventual toll on the mighty San Pedro fishing fleet.

ILWU Local 33 Union Card - Vincent Giobbe

My ILWU Local 33 Union card, my son belonged to that same Local


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