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...And a few with horses

With the gorgeous Arabian mare Giovanna

On the Arabian mare Giovanna (Rhapsodi's dam), mid '90's


With Sultan

Taking Sultan out for a ride, late '90's


Riding Rocky with the babies in tow - early 2000's

Ready to pony both baby girls (Sunamii Blue & Rhapsodi) on Rocky
(early 2000's at the RPV property)


Rhapsodi and Sunamii Blue are the only children Staci and I had together

Rhapsodi at just 3 days old, with her dam, Giovanna


Portuguese Bend beach, RPV, CA

With baby foal Sunamii Blue at the RPV coastline



" that all horses and ponies may lead a
full and productive life, free from pain and abuse."

At the onset of 1984, Staci Layne Wilson and I founded an equine beneficence organization named HorseAid™ - funded entirely by the two of us, HorseAid™ did not solicit funds.

That was quite a novel approach to horse rescue at the time, and HorseAid™ still remains as the only 100% privately funded org of its type, reach, and scope that has ever existed.

See this Horse Rescue Web site PDF for a fully independent take on what it was really like to be in equine rescue/welfare in the 80's and 90's - not fun!

HorseAid™ was the first to do in-depth and on-site investigations into the PMU farm's wide-spread horse abuses, and the resulting vast horse slaughter industry it spawned.

More significantly, we were the first to raise the alarm about the many health risks linked to women using HRT medications, which are all derived from Pregnant Mares Urine (PMU).

We published the results of those findings (with photos), in our 1986 Fall/Winter issue of Equine Times News (forerunner of Running Free) under the headline: "The Pill That Kills".

In 1993, Animal People Magazine published an extensive article on the PMU farm abuses, and in 1995, PETA followed suit - after joining us in the nation-wide HorseAid™ "National Two Hours of Shame" demonstrations against the way Premarin® is produced.

The HorseAid™ PMU/HRT exposé appeared long before PMU farm abuses became a fundraising and publicity vehicle for some of the org's that later took up the cause.

On Valentine's Day in 1994, we initiated our world-wide "Purple Ribbon Campaign" to raise awareness about equine abuse and slaughter. Many celebrities joined us in this cause.

HorseAid's™ equine abuse investigations and PMU/Premarin® exposé's were featured on many local TV News outlets, as well as national TV shows: "Hard Copy", "20/20", "Primetime", "MSNBC", "Dateline NBC", and mentioned in thousands of magazine, newspaper, and book articles, world-wide. We also received many commendations.

By 1999, the HorseAid™ program was budgeted at close to $500K a year, and had now grown to over 20 chapters world-wide, and thousands of full and part time volunteers.

If you were to factor in all of our HorseAid™ volunteers' time and expenses, the HorseAid™ program would probably have cost about $1M - $2M a year.

In short, HorseAid™ could not have been so accomplished, so successful, without our extensive and extremely dedicated world-wide volunteer network.

In 2000, I returned full time to my motion picture career, partly because it was time to do so, and partly because HorseAid™ had become too consuming to keep administrating.

We had both made innumerable personal and professional sacrifices in order to successfully meet all the program's many objectives and goals.

In July of 2002, the National Institutes of Health (NIH) substantiated HorseAid's™ 1986/87 findings about the many health risks associated with using Premarin® and Prempro® HRT medications, stating that: HRT appeared to increase a woman’s risk of breast cancer as well as heart disease, blood clots and stroke. We were finally vindicated!

HorseAid™ was certainly a bumpy ride for Staci and I, but one well worth taking.

Along the way, we were to face the entire corporate might of the world's largest pharmaceutical company, become involved in many legal actions, and even had cases we were involved in heard before the highest court of several states (we prevailed in all).

Our original intent in founding HorseAid™ was to just save a few horses here and there, and educate people about equine abuse and proper horse care.

We ended up by rescuing more horses and ponies than any other organization ever has before or since (including the largest horse rescue in U.S. history), revising laws, righting wrongs in the equine world, and by exposing the severe and often fatal risks associated with using HT medications, protecting the health and well-being of women the world over.


End ALL Horse Slaughter NOW!


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