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"Job the patient" (2396 BC - 2116 BC)

My surname is derived from the Biblical prophet "Job" (pronounced "Jōbe"), which in modern Italian translates to "Giobbe" (or "Giobbé", when translated from the ancient Italian name "EE-yove" — pronounced "Jōbāy").

My paternal ancestral family has, at one time or another, used both surname spelling conventions, as have I.

And yes, I've been very fortunate to live a full, exciting, and truly enriched long life, blessed with abundant luck and many great opportunities. I hope you have as well.

Enzo Giobbe, taken by a GF

June 28, 2015 — in Santa Barbara, CA

Enzo Giobbe, September 9th, 2012, iPhone 3G photo, unretouched or manipulated in any way except for sizing. So yep, that's 100% raw me...

Big game hunting at Willow Springs Int'l Raceway (9/9/12)


"...about that marriage!"

Enzo Giobbe & Staci Layne Wilson, Halloween, 2010 - apropos!

Staci and I on All Hallow's Eve, 2010

Staci Layne Wilson proposed marriage to me using a typed fortune strip and white satin ribbons she had arranged to have served to me inside a fortune cookie after our Valentine's Day dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

It was neither the first nor last time I've ever been proposed marriage to, but certainly the most creative, which says a lot about Staci, and my yes.

I really liked being married, and I really liked being married to Staci...until I didn't. © 1988, Enzo Giobbe

That was 1988. We were married on-air in the Mark & Brian KLOS morning radio show on Valentine's Day, 1989. A Red kangaroo was our ring bearer.

And the bride wore... Black! With Pastor Ron at the KLOS lot after saying our "I Do's" live on-air with Mark & Brian - 2-14-89
Taken 2/14/89 at KLOS Studios after our live on-air wedding ceremony (with Pastor Ron)

It's my only marriage. My son and daughter are by prior affaires d'amour.

I filed to divorce Staci in 2011. We'd been married 22 years, some great, some not, but most of them interesting, and...are still a famous couple?!

Above; that's the actual fortune cookie with Staci's proposal still inserted inside that Staci had our waiter surprise me with — rediscovered in 2009.


My son, Vince on bass guitarMy son, Vince on bass guitar

My son Vince, is a bass player and singer in several Rock 'n Roll bands — and a successful music producer and composer as well.

With my beautiful son, Vince

My beautiful son and I at the 'Runaway Nightmare' Premiere, 7-22-14

With my lovely daughter Tina on her birthday, 2014

My lovely daughter Tina and I on her birthday, September, 2014

With my daughter Tina, my son Vince, and my three grandkids, Erica, Chloe, and Chad - 2014

With my daughter, my son, and my three grandkids (from my daughter), 2014
(L to R); Erica, Chloe, Tina, moi, Vince, and Chad.

My actor granddaughter Erica Sinner and I - 2014

My beautiful and talented granddaughter Erica Sinner and I - 2014.

Erica is also in the movie and TV business, and is a very gifted actor currently working on several TV series and pilots on the East Coast.

Billy Bob Thorton

Sitting in with Billy Bob Thornton (2010)
(Billy Bob is a fine musician as well as being a great actor/writer/director)


Alexa Vega, Enzo Giobbe, Paris Hilton

With my pal Alex (Alexa Vega) and her pal, Paris Hilton (2009)
(I'm wearing Paris' Dolce & Gabbana hat — and I still have it ;)


Enzo (Ferrari)

Enzo "Ferrari" (2010)
(I'll take two, please)

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