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Framing a shot

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Jean Cocteau's "La Belle et la Bête"

This is my all time favorite film. Rarely do I see a modern day film that does not include some elements taken from Cocteau's masterwork.

While Cocteau undoubtedly wasn't the first to use those elements, he did use them in such a creative and unique way in this film as to make a lasting impression on all the filmmakers that followed.

Nothing is truly "new" in filmmaking. Every time I think I have discovered some new way of doing a shot, I usually end up seeing the same setup in some other movie — usually shot a long time ago.

All filmmaking is derivative in one way or another. It's how that derivative work is used that can add or detract from a film's worth.

In this section, you will find my opinions (and some personal philosophy) about movies, movie makers, and the motion picture business.

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